Atlanta is blossoming as an entertainment capital. Between the success of Tyler Perry’s various productions, the prevalence of hip hop artists across the national board, the hundreds of festivals happening yearly and the filming of big budget superhero films like Captain America and The Avengers, Atlanta is quickly becoming the Hollywood of the south. In fact, the only southern city with a more embellishing entertainment scene is the country music mecca—Nashville. One has to wonder if Atlanta will soon catch up to its rival and what that city is doing to continue its prosperous streak.

What we know is that Nashville invests heavily in its youth—there exists a wide array of public school programs devoted to developing the musical assets of Nashvillian children, as well as private schools that promise to turn your average-inclined child into Taylor Swift. Meanwhile, Atlanta has managed to package its artists as everything but professional, super talented, nationally recognized musical experts. While the city does have its own unique sound—popularly designated as trap music, even the most successful of local artists can’t seem to produce a music video that wasn’t filmed on a sidewalk.

Magic Music Management aims to improve the packaging—the general quality of all Atlanta’s musical acts. By raising the status quo of what we expect from our favorite trap artists, but maintaining the grit, the edge, the authenticity that sets us apart, the future of Atlanta’s music will rival not only Nashville, but the entertainment meccas of New York and Los Angeles as well. Marketing and branding expert Paul Lewis is investing in Atlanta’s up and coming musicians, as well as future leaders, to coax them into an industry niche that will undoubtedly excel. Combining efforts from the likes of Mayor Kasim Reed, Atlanta’s school system, Savanna College of Art and Design, Georgia Tech and various other academic networks, we can expect to see growth even larger than the Housewives’ variety.