The VMAs kicked off to an exciting start last week, with an opening performance from Nicki Minaj and a surprise appearance by MTV’s latest blonde attraction, Taylor Swift. You may remember that just a few weeks ago, these two artists had a brief Twitter scuffle. Nicki Minaj cried racism at the fact that less notable videos received noms for Video of the Year, while Taylor Swift somehow made it about her.

These two appearing on stage together has us wondering a few things: was this a set up? Who would be opening the show had the Twitter feud never happened? Does a racy tweet or comment get you a spot on the VMAs stage? Finally, how did advertising even happen before the advent of social media?

It’s safe to say that buzz around the VMAs this year was dim—as is usually the case when Beyonce or Lady Gaga isn’t performing. Kanye West was presented with the Video Vanguard Award, which aside from the Nicki/Taylor fiasco was the only reason most of us tuned in. MTV had Miley Cyrus (who also had something to say about Nicki) host this year—what we can only assume was a last ditch effort to get folks to tune in.

There’s no doubt that MTV loves controversy; rather than shy away from it like other award shows, they literally stitch it into their set list. Perhaps the VMAs producer jumped onto the idea of having two superstars-at-odds together on stage. As for whether MTV will hire anyone thumbing down a string of controversial tweets—Azealia Banks’ timeline and awards show attendance is proof enough that doesn’t work. Still, social media has once again proven a powerful tool for advertising just about anything you want, while simultaneously engaging the specific people who care to listen.

In an effort to take advantage of this asset, Magic Music Management has joined forces with DMM’s Super Phone. Having Super Phone is like having access to all of your supporters and followers, and them having access to you. It gives you the ability to connect with your audience in ways that other outlets don’t allow, offering privacy, control and accessibility on an entirely new scale. The possibilities are truly endless.

This tool will take advertising to the next level, possibly removing the dishonesty that undoubtedly presents itself in a backhanded tweet about an awards show in which you are nominated or performing. So take charge of your audience. Super Phone is in beta and will be announced soon; until then, you can call or text about any updates, to ask about our brand, inquire on our artists, or just say hi! Here’s Magic’s number. 404-666-3861