In a market where it seems like no one is selling records anymore, how are your favorite artists making such a fabulous living? I heard that they make pennies on streaming services like Spottily, Pandora, & Apple Music. How can they afford that new Bugatti parked in front of their Hollywood Hills home? Is that ICE on their neck and wrist real? These are all extremely relevant questions. MMMGT delved into the subject a little further to see if we  can help answer. First we looked at the top grossing musical performers of 2016. 

5. Rihanna ($75 million) 

4. Madonna ($76.5 million)

3. Adele ($80.5 million) 

2. One Direction ($110 million)

1.  Taylor Swift ($170 million)

Rihanna's 75,000,000 was due in large part to her product endorsements. While her highly anticipated "Anti" album is certified Double Platinum in the U.S, she grossed tens of millions of dollars from her deals with mega brands  Dior, Puma, Samsung and Stance.  

The gift that keeps on giving! Talk about reinventing yourself, the 58 year old, Queen of Pop Madonna, walked away with a cool 76.5 milli. Her "Rebel Heart" tour pulled in an astonishing 170 million bucks. 

Hello? How many zeros in my bank account? 80 Million to be exact. This voluptuous British bombshell had the best selling album of the year, moving over  1,731,000 units.  She is the exception to the myth of who's selling any records nowadays. Adele! Hello?!


Boy bands have a proven track record of success and the UK phenom "One Direction," just shattered the world record to become the top grossing boy band of all time. Grossing over $200 million-plus for its recent On The Road Again Tour. The group raked in a staggering 88,000,000 British pounds! 

Beyonce who? The queen bee of them all is the young singer songwriter superstar Taylor Swift. You ready for it? She made $170,000,000 without breaking a country sweat. Not only did she smash the Rolling Stones North American tour record, she inked endorsement deals with product giants like Diet Coke , Apple, and Keds,