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Magic Music Management CEO- Paul Lewis w/ ET of Hot 107.9 FM's  "Durtty Boyz"

Magic Music Management CEO- Paul Lewis w/ ET of Hot 107.9 FM's "Durtty Boyz"

 In the course of their careers, many of today’s most popular artists have had to undergo a phase of re-branding in order to establish themselves as serious, hardworking artists. Miley Cyrus may come most immediately to mind, who went from a bubbly Disney personality to a sexy sexualized, provocative, and often philanthropic musician/media sensation. Justin Bieber took a similar route. 2Chainz went from small town thug rapper to high fashion trap music artist. Even icons as successful as Janet Jackson, who underwent multiple rebranding phases, employ the tool to help boost both popularity and profit margins.

Magic Music Management uses similar tactics on its artists, who are redeveloped from what they are into what they wish to be—given the tools necessary to become profitable, working artists. This is all done using the basic principles of magic of, Transform, Levitate and Effect. Richie Nuzz, formerly Richard Nuzzolese, was the first of such projects. He began his career in entertainment as a model, appearing in music videos such as Katy Perry’s Last Friday Night (TGIF) and Britney Spears’s “Work Bitch” . He contributed to the video’s 400 million YouTube views, but had always aspired to be a singer himself, first and foremost. He took all the wrong routes, shooting for any degree of publicity rather than a quality stream of material that would portray him as a viable musician.

 In the span of only three months, Magic Music Management coaxed him out of the shell of a semi-nude Tumblr model, overhauled his website, image and social media outlets, then released the first video of Richie Nuzz the artist. He is now performing at music festivals alongside established acts like Kendrick Lamar, Nas and Jhene Aiko. His debut album Immaculate is available on iTunes which moved over 500 units in its first month of release beforehand—no small feat for a previously unknown independent artist. Magic Music Management was able to set him off on the career path he wanted, but was unable to create himself. We are about to do the same for a name that is already well known to the listeners of Atlanta.

 E.T. is a radio personality on Atlanta’s Hot 107.9 night show Durtty Boyz. With over a million listeners, there’s no denying he already has the popularity to produce, promote or sell whatever he wants to some degree of success. After all, E.T. is a gateway of sorts for other artists to premier their music to Atlanta, which happens to be hip hop’s most thriving region at the moment.  He’s also in the studio with the likes of Rhythm D, who is notable as the producer of EZE’s first album.  However, Atlanta’s hip hop population hasn’t clung to the idea of the VJ himself as an artist—a fact that will inevitably shift after Magic Music’s transformation. Be on the lookout for Benefit, the hot young VJ turned tatted, Cali-swagged hip hop artist skating onto radio later this year.