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Hot 107.9’s own ET from The Durtty Boyz made his debut onto the music industry scene as an artist at his “Skater Chic” EP listening party and goes by the name “Benefit”.

The guest list was comprised of myriad of some of the hottest Indie Artists hitting the scene to Entrepreneurs, and some of Atlanta’s social and business elite.VIP Guests included Zaytoven, Hurricane Dave, Mishon, Tami LaTrell, Brinks, Rythym D, History in the making, CEO of MMMGT Paul Lewis, Publicist Christine Jackson, Attorney James Walker, and J Young.

Drake vs Meek

Earlier this week, rapper Meek Mill fired off shots at Drake with accusations of him not being the writer of his own lyrics. The beef largely took place via the rapper’s Twitter account, and according to Meek, may have started when Drake neglected to support (shout out?) Meek’s latest album, Dreams Worth More Than Money, on which Drake appears as a feature for the song R.I.C.O. During the Twitter tirade, which began Wednesday, Meek shouted “He didn’t even write that verse on my album and if I knew I woulda took it off…” (He actually wrote the statement, but it’s hard to read anything in his voice without imagining it being shouted.)

Several of his peers have spoken up in defense of Drake, most notably the young man credited as a co-writer on a fraction of Drake’s If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late, Quentin Miller. Whispers in the hip hop community claimed he was the main contributor of Drake’s lyrics. In a statement posted to Twitter, Miller noted: “I am not and never will be a “ghostwriter” for drake.. Im proud to say that we’ve collaborated .. but i could never take credit for anything other than the few songs we worked on together…” The full statement can be viewed on the artist’s personal Tumblr page here: Drake fired back over the weekend with a diss track of his own called Charged Up.

The record is classic Drake—less direct, rather intimate for a diss record, but a good song nonetheless. The end result of this twitter feud may be nothing more than a marketing ploy, as more people than ever have taken note of Meek Mill’s album. It looks like he took a page out of girlfriend Nicki Minaj’s book, whose first album gained heavy steam running off the heat of her beef with rapper Lil Kim. Still, you can’t help but appreciate the gall in Meek’s very direct, very forthcoming attacks. He has our attention now, let’s see what he does with it.

- Garco B.




 The music industry has undoubtedly hit a bit of snag in recent years, with record companies foregoing all but the most promising of artists and focusing only on what they are sure to capitalize on. Unfortunately, this has severely limited the amount of quality music available for us all to enjoy and placed a massive strain on everyone in the industry—particularly, the artists. It seems to be runaway train effect with no solution in sight, which begs the question—will we ever again have music and artists as great as the ones we grew up with?

The short answer: yes, if music manager and branding expert Paul Lewis has anything to do with it. With industry expertise and a solid consortium of accomplished young professionals, Lewis has built Magic Music Management as a platform that provides artists with the tools they need (music videos, live shows, touring, social media management, website design) to continue working, become profitable and produce quality music without depriving them of their God given name and rights.

Magic Music Management, or MMMGT as it has come to be known, focuses on the artists themselves and exists as a supportive conduit which helps them reach their acquired and potential fans. In today’s musical climate, record labels have a tendency to abandon artists once they are no longer bringing in money. Magic Management works to connect artists with their fans in ways that negate the dependence artists of earlier years had on their record labels.

 A music standard is on the horizon; one that keeps the power of the artist in their hands. Lewis and Magic Music Management are spearheading this movement, and will be working to restore music to a time that was, more or less, legendary.